Buy Now Pay Later Laptops

Buy Now Pay Later Laptops – Computers

  • We understand that managing your budget is very important. Every product at Gettington is offered with three ways to pay so you can decide what works best for your budget. You can pay in full using your own credit card. Or you can pay over just four months with our FAST Option. Or give yourself more time with low monthly payments by using our EASY Option. Every page of the website has a control panel that displays your product selections along with your payment options of:
  • Pay Now,
  • FAST Option (4-pay) – Lower payments with a quicker payback. In just 4 Monthly Payments, your purchase will be paid in full or
  • EASY Option (extended pay – When you need more flexibility. Spread out the cost of your purchase over 24 Monthly Payments or less – much faster than a typical credit card payback.

Buy Now Pay Later Laptops

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